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      1. Welcome to the official website of shenzhen transformer co., LTD.
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        Shenzhen transformer co. LTD

        Was founded in 2007, our company is a professional research and development design, manufacture, installation of water disinfection equipment (sodium hypochlorite generator), water purification equipment, sewage treatment facilities, water treatment related (chemical dosing, water softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, desalination, pure water system) equipment and automation systems development science and technology company, the company strong technical force, management talent, in research and development manufacturing, installation, maintenance, operation management, etc all have rich experience in the theory and practice. Learn more about
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        product display
        Central air conditioning series
        Composite series
        Air defense series
        Solar energy products
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        Contact: Mr. Wang
        Tel: 400-8888-888
        Address: minzhi street, longhua new district, shenzhen
        01 xx avenue
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